Phil Dillon Solutions

Phil Dillon Solutions is a new National Social Housing Consultancy Service. Our aim is to work in partnership with NGOs, Local Authorities, Key stakeholders and Specialist groups in the development delivery of a myriad of accommodation and housing services to marginalised groups throughout the country in a cost effective manner. We have the ability to offer a customised approach in the development of targeted housing and related services for specialist groups such as Travellers, homeless people and people with disabilities.

Phil Dillon Solutions has over 20 years experience of working within the social housing sector. We have worked on a number of projects at a national level with groups such as the Local Authorities, Tusla and NGOs.


Phil Dillion Services

Our key areas of expertise are in housing development and delivery of specialist housing & services in the following areas:

Traveller accommodation
Housing assessments and consultation
Homeless services
Housing for the disabled
Estate Management
Conflict resolution
Accommodation for children leaving care


We specialise in providing assessment and consultation services to Local Government, Traveller families and Traveller groups, where we look at their housing needs and develop a workable plan for their successful, cost-effective and timely delivery. Another service we have vast experience in is conflict resolution and facilitation. When a relationship between proposed tenants, current tenants or agencies have broken down, we can represent a client to facilitate an open dialogue and in turn find a resolution that works for all parties concerned. We have been successfully involved in the development of the homeless hubs programme and womens refuges, including securing funding and the development and implementation of services.


For further information or to request a meeting please follow the link to contact us  or call +353 87 652 3285