We also have a successful history of preparing and submitting grant funding applications for projects, some of which were well in excess of a million euros, on behalf of various NGOs. The advantages of using our services, is that we have a history of working on projects that may have reached an impasse or stalled due to conflict or a complete breakdown in negotiations. The benefits of using an external service such as ours also allows for projects to be completely reviewed and a dialogue reinstated with the key stakeholders through onsite visits and meetings. An approach such as ours allows for your key staff to concentrate on their core duties, in turn freeing up both valuable time and resources for your organisation.

Services We Can Provide

  • Development, implementation and delivery of the current Traveller Accommodation Programme
  • Development of services for Traveller projects
  • Development of homeless services and delivery
  • Development of pilot accommodation programmes
  • Development of Pre-Tenancy Programmes
  • Procurement of Grant Funding

    Consultation & Assessment
  • Full consultation process with target groups at project start up by providing recommendations in the delivery of specialist accommodation
  • Full assessment of current Traveller housing stock and preparations of detailed reports including recommendations on delivery of new accommodation
  • Consulting with identified Traveller Families to assess and develop a housing plan with them, in order to provide accommodation through an early
        sense of ownership.
  • Specialist Housing needs Assessments
  • Specialist Housing stock reviews
  • Sourcing of suitable sites for the development of Traveller and specialist housing
  • Cross community liaison services in the area of specialist housing options. Working with all communities, stakeholders and elected representatives
        at the pre-development stages to overcome obstacles in a partnership based approach allowing for successful development and delivery to take place
  • Facilitation and mediation
  • Conflict Resolution

    Delivery & Design
  • Delivery of Pre-Tenancy Programmes
  • Delivery of Estate Management Programmes
  • Programme and Policy Reviews
  • Project Management
  • Design options at planning stages

    For further information or to request a meeting please follow the link to contact us  or call +353 87 652 3285